Meme about dating a oil field guy

How Norway is selling out-of-date food to help tackle waste | Environment | The Guardian

meme about dating a oil field guy

Boy were they ever wrong. This being the case, the reckless exploitation of oil fields and the October 23, Oil and Gas News . arguably contributed to climate change more than any other meme of the 20th century. (KRQE) – A Hobbs man has been killed in an oil field accident. . Get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos Crash Date If you are an oil & gas worker who was injured in an oil. An aerial view of the oil field where the bodies were recovered that the unborn child was a boy, and the couple planned to name him Niko.

Weekly U.S. Field Production of Crude Oil (Thousand Barrels per Day)

Unproven reserves[ edit ] An oil well in Canadawhich has the world's third largest oil reserves. They are sub-classified as probable and possible. Industry specialists refer to them as "P50" i.

The sum of proven plus probable reserves is also referred to in the industry as "2P" proven plus probable. Reasons for classifying reserves as possible include varying interpretations of geology, reserves not producible at commercial rates, uncertainty due to reserve infill seepage from adjacent areas and projected reserves based on future recovery methods. The cumulative amount of proven, probable and possible resources are referred to in the industry as "3P" proven plus probable plus possible.

The Russian category C2 includes probable and possible reserves.

meme about dating a oil field guy

These reserves are generally not counted when computing a nation's oil reserves. Unconventional oil resources are greater than conventional ones.

Oilfield Dating

United States not included. It incorporates the definitions for reserves, but adds categories for contingent resources and prospective resources. Contingent resources may include, for example, projects for which there are no viable markets, or where commercial recovery is dependent on technology under development, or where evaluation of the accumulation is insufficient to clearly assess commerciality. Prospective resources are those quantities of petroleum estimated, as of a given date, to be potentially recoverable from undiscovered accumulations by application of future development projects.

Prospective resources have both an associated chance of discovery and a chance of development. The United States Geological Survey uses the terms technically and economically recoverable resources when making its petroleum resource assessments.

How Norway is selling out-of-date food to help tackle waste

Technically recoverable resources represent that proportion of assessed in-place petroleum that may be recoverable using current recovery technology, without regard to cost. Economically recoverable resources are technically recoverable petroleum for which the costs of discovery, development, production, and transport, including a return to capital, can be recovered at a given market price.

meme about dating a oil field guy

Examples include extra heavy oiloil sandand oil shale deposits. Unlike "conventional resources", in which the petroleum is recovered through wellbores and typically requires minimal processing prior to sale, unconventional resources require specialized extraction technology to produce.

meme about dating a oil field guy

Moreover, the extracted petroleum may require significant processing prior to sale e. Estimation techniques[ edit ] Example of a production decline curve for an individual well The amount of oil in a subsurface reservoir is called oil in place OIP.

This fraction is called the recovery factor. The portion that is not recoverable is not included unless and until methods are implemented to produce it.

Extraction of petroleum and Oil in place Volumetric methods attempt to determine the amount of oil in place by using the size of the reservoir as well as the physical properties of its rocks and fluids.

How oilfield workers in 2014 vs how they are now in 2015 lol

Then a recovery factor is assumed, using assumptions from fields with similar characteristics. OIP is multiplied by the recovery factor to arrive at a reserve number.

Oil reserves

Current recovery factors for oil fields around the world typically range between 10 and 60 percent; some are over 80 percent. The wide variance is due largely to the diversity of fluid and reservoir characteristics for different deposits. Materials balance method[ edit ] The materials balance method for an oil field uses an equation that relates the volume of oil, water and gas that has been produced from a reservoir and the change in reservoir pressure to calculate the remaining oil.

It assumes that, as fluids from the reservoir are produced, there will be a change in the reservoir pressure that depends on the remaining volume of oil and gas.

meme about dating a oil field guy

Share via Email Tony Blair leaves the Iraq war inquiry. The overwhelming narrative has been one of incompetence and failure in an otherwise noble, if ill-conceived and badly managed endeavour to free Iraqis from tyranny. To be sure, the conduct of the war was indeed replete with incompetence at a colossal scale - but this doesn't erase the very real mendacity of the cold, strategic logic that motivated the war's US and British planners in the first place.

According to the infamous Project for a New American Century PNAC document endorsed by senior Bush administration officials as far back as"While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate justification" for the US "to play a more permanent role in Gulf regional security," "the need for a substantial American force presence in the Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein.

It warned of an impending global energy crisis that would increase "US and global vulnerability to disruption", and leave the US facing "unprecedented energy price volatility.

meme about dating a oil field guy

Critically, the documented illustrated that US officials had lost all faith in Saddam due his erratic and unpredictable energy export policies. InIraq had "effectively become a swing producer, turning its taps on and off when it has felt such action was in its strategic interest to do so.

Saddam Hussein has also demonstrated a willingness to threaten to use the oil weapon and to use his own export programme to manipulate oil markets. This would display his personal power, enhance his image as a pan-Arab leader The United States should then develop an integrated strategy with key allies in Europe and Asia, and with key countries in the Middle East, to restate goals with respect to Iraqi policy and to restore a cohesive coalition of key allies.

The real goal - as Greg Muttitt documented in his book Fuel on the Fire citing declassified Foreign Office files from onwards - was stabilising global energy supplies as a whole by ensuring the free flow of Iraqi oil to world markets - benefits to US and UK companies constituted an important but secondary goal: This meshed neatly with the secondary aim of securing contracts for their companies.