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Nov 11, tests so you don't have to -- CNET UK has assembled a top 10 chart. Read our full Asus Eee PC P Seashell review. . The latter is a tad disappointing -- we'd have preferred a more up-to-date HDMI socket tackling external The spiritual successor to Samsung's first ever netbook, the NC is a. Jun 23, The Samsung NC is a great budget netbook, offering a classy design, excellent keyboard and a dual-core chip that ensures good. Feb 24, The Samsung NC looks like the first new netbook to hit the shops. NC20 release date – now available for pre-order at Amazon UK!.

Performance and battery life The absence of an HDMI socket is all the more disappointing because the can play high-definition video. Indeed, it's surprisingly capable when it comes to performance, playing p videos without so much as a whimper.

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The netbook's graphics performance is still pretty rubbish, though. The netbook's battery life is alright, but it's not as impressive as that of some other machines in this list. With its CPU running at a constant per cent, the 's battery managed to last for 4 hours and 11 minutes before conking out. You can expect longer battery life if you're not putting the netbook through the computational wringer like we did.

The is a good-looking machine that offers above-average performance without being more expensive than most of its rivals. Despite the fact that some competitors offer better battery life, the is a great machine in just about every respect. Read our full Acer Aspire One review. Design and usability It's fair to say the VX6 is a little different from the average netbook.

Firstly, it's larger, with a But it also stands out on its looks. There's a Lamborghini logo on the lid, which is styled to look like a car bonnet. It even makes an engine noise when you hit the power button. The larger size does mean you get a roomier trackpad and a bigger, more comfortable keyboard. Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth round-off the list.

There's GB of hard drive space, although a GB version is available should you require extra room. Despite its impressive specs -- and the presence of a turbo mode, it'll struggle to play newer 3D games.

Even HD video clips can be a little stuttery on occasion. Basic tasks such as web browsing and email are handled ably, but at this price you'd be forgiven for expecting a lot more oomph. By netbook standards, the screen has a high resolution of 1,x pixels.

This gives a sharper, more detailed image and brightness levels keep things vibrant. Our intensive battery test saw the VX6 keep going for just under 4 hours and you'll get much more life out of it with lighter use. That's pretty impressive given the larger screen. The Asus Eee PC VX6 is refreshingly different from the crowd, but then it does cost twice as much as most netbooks, which pits it against the power of a full-size laptop for the price.

Design and usability While some Samsung netbooks are curvier than a wartime pin-up, the N is a fairly dour and boxy affair, livened up only slightly by the brushed aluminium effect on the wrist rest.

On the plus side, it's incredibly light and skinny at a shade over 1kg and by 23 by mm. The chiclet-style keyboard, with each key isolated, is comfortable to use and the trackpad buttons are pleasingly responsive. Connectivity The socket selection is standard issue: There's no HDMI video output, sadly.

Performance and battery life This is a dual-core netbook running on an Intel Atom N clocked at 1. If you think that extra core makes the N some kind of portable processing powerhouse you're heading for disappointment. It can handle basic tasks such as web browsing and email just fine, but ask it to multi-task and it doesn't impress.

The integrated Intel graphics processing is pretty dire too, so if you want to play 3D games you're limited to year-old classics rather than the latest shooters. On the plus side, the In our Battery Eater Classic benchmark test, the N topped out at 2 hours and 44 minutes -- a somewhat unimpressive result.

While you'll likely get a lot more use out of it in real world situations, there are netbooks that last a lot longer for less money. At this price, the N faces stiff competition from several cheaper rivals, but it's not a bad netbook at all. Read our full Samsung N review. Design and usability Available in either black or green finishes, the Acer Aspire One cuts an elegant figure.

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It's very lightweight at 1. At a mere by 26 by mm, it's impressively svelte to boot.

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The solid build quality extends to the keyboard, which doesn't rattle when you give the a shake. The Enter and Delete keys are on the tiny side though, which could get irritating.

Connectivity This edition of the comes with a cavernous GB hard drive. If you don't need that much storage space, a cheaper GB version is available. Most impressively, there's also an HDMI socket, allowing you to swiftly and simply lash the netbook up to your TV and transfer not only video but audio to it. Performance and battery life Despite the presence of that HDMI output, you won't be pumping pristine HD videos from the to your telly.

The netbook just can't handle it: There's a 1GHz dual-core AMD C processor here, and it handles the simple things such as social networking, email and web surfing with ease. It doesn't take so well to multi-tasking, however. Not only are colours vivid and bright, but everything is beautifully sharp: One area where the really disappoints is battery life.

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As we mentioned above, it has a three-cell battery a six-cell version is also availableand this only lasted 1 hour and 36 minutes in our benchmark test. The test is intensive, so you'll likely get a lot more out of it with normal use, but it's still a poor showing.

The design and screen are definite plus points here but underwhelming processing power and battery life limit the Acer Aspire One 's on-the-go chops. Design and usability The NB gets zero points for styling originality, offering the same boxy looks as its predecessors the NB and NB The only 'exciting' aspect if you can really call it that is the lid, which is rubberised and available in a selection of different colours. At least the keyboard is a joy to use, with its large, sensibly laid-out and pleasingly springy keys making touch typing a cinch.

Laptops Samsung NC The Gloss over it Since launching the NC10 inSamsung has consistently managed to come up with stylish designs for its netbooks, and the NC is just the latest example. Available in a range of colours, including the eye-catching purple version we had in for review, it's a great-looking laptop with a classy glossy finish on the lid that's complemented beautifully by the all-white keyboard and palm rest.

Viewed from the side, it has a swooping, curved profile that really looks the business.

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Flip the lid open and you're met with a The screen is slightly unusual for a netbook too in that it has a matte finish that helps to pretty much eliminate screen reflections. I didn't want a small keyboard inhibiting my typing speed. This version has the 6 cell battery so will last around 10 hours without charge. This is probably the best you'll be able to get from a netbook. I can use it on the train all week and just charge it at the weekend.

It doesn't weigh anymore than a paper notebook, so I just bought a silicone sleeve to protect it from spills and scratches and it goes in my bag without adding too much to the weight.

This was the part I was most worried about. I used someone else's netbook for about 20 minutes a while ago, and almost threw it out the window because I just couldn't type on it. It's hard to even tell that it's not a full-size keyboard.