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south park dating sim full

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker learned the hard way of animation, and nothing will date a game more than headlines that. Barbara "Bebe" Stevens is a female fourth-grader at South Park Elementary. In "The Fractured But Whole", Bebe helps you with your outfit, commenting on how you This is shown when she made fun of Heidi for dating Eric Cartman in " Doubling . Cartman later "pwns" Bebe in the game and calls her out because of it. Watch Cartman, Kenny, Stan and Kyle in all their foul-mouthed adventures. Stream free episodes and clips, play games, create an avatar and go.

One dancer threatens to put you in her ass. Once more, an overweight, scantily clad boss emerges, threatening to toss her mass on your player with an insta kill. She also threatens to stick you in her ass. Fans of Parker and Stone should recognize these beats. Their sophomore feature film, Orgazmo, also included an obese woman crushing a play-acting superherodubbed with over-the-top provocations by Parker.

No storyline is claustrophobically topical. Parker, Stone and the developers at Ubisoft San Francisco are well aware that blockbuster games have a longer shelf life than 20 minutes of animation, and nothing will date a game more than headlines that will be eclipsed in two months. One character, the tank Captain Diabetes, goes into shock after running out of insulin, leaving you without any immediate solution as a convulsing child lays in front of you.

If there was ever a blanket defense for the raunchiness of the material, it filters the most hyperbolic extremes of adulthood through the eyes of babes. The kids want you to know that the Emperor is never, ever wearing any clothes, and the whistle blowers are all the more believable when they show their vulnerability.

Likewise, the most charming imagery combines lo-fi tape, tinfoil and velcro, grounding the fantastic with the painfully domestic. Woven together, the game is a purer distillation of its source material than any previous effort, to the exclusion of larger gameplay freedom.

These sequences are the least interesting facet of the game, mostly because the map is nearly identical to the one found in Stick of Truth.

south park dating sim full

Bebe also has an interest in makeup and fashion. In "The Fractured But Whole", Bebe helps you with your outfit, commenting on how you need help with it. If you wear one of her costume designs, she excitedly takes a selfie with you. Bebe is very much a trend follower, unlike her best friend Wendy. She jumped on the bandwagon of being a stupid spoiled whore when Paris Hilton came to town and joined everybody in the new photoshop craze, where she photoshopped her picture to the point where it didn't look much like her at all.

This could possibly imply she has some insecurities about her appearance, as she was also the first to snap back when Wendy commented on the other girls' flaws in "The Hobbit". She is also shown to have a quick temper.

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Despite being generally nice, she has a mean streak and can be quite tactless. This is shown when she made fun of Heidi for dating Eric Cartman in "Doubling Down", which upset Heidi and caused her to go back to him at the end of the episode. She also made fun of Marjorine in "Marjorine", but felt guilty about that soon after and helped give Marjorine a makeover.

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Bebe also has a Machiavellian personality; in "The List", she, Lola, Jenny Simons, and to an extent Red, had altered a list their Sunshine Community made rating the 4th-grade boys based on how cute they are. In that sense, Bebe betrayed over half the 4th grade class for shoes. The list placed Kyle Broflovski at the bottom, destroying his self-esteem, driving him psychotic, to the point of attempting to burn down the school. When Stan teamed up with Wendy to investigate the list and confronted Kyle with the results, Bebe pulled out a gun.

The police showed up and Wendy attacked Bebe. While struggling, Bebe accidentally pulled the trigger on Wendy, however, she missed, instead, hitting and killing Kenny through a wall while he was eating dinner with his family.

Family Mother Bebe's Mother. Her mother is a stereotypical, large chested, dumb blonde, who got by in her earlier years by relying on her looks. Bebe doesn't want to end up like her mother; she would rather be a lawyer or a marine biologist.

south park dating sim full

However, she does seem more interested in make-up, partying, and dating than her friend Wendy. Stevens is occasionally seen in crowd scenes including, " Child Abduction is Not Funny ", " Grey Dawn ", and various others.

She also tried comforting Bebe in " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society " by telling her that she was smart and that's why boys liked her, although they were really attracted to her budding breasts.

When Bebe hears her boobs conspiring, Mrs.

south park dating sim full

Stevens shows unexpected awareness of the nature of breasts stating they feed off the misery of boys. Bebe's dad was first seen in a family photograph in " Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset " at the 'Spoiled Whore Party', but his first speaking appearance was when he told Bebe at the end of the episode that she would go back to dressing and acting like a proper young lady.

He has also been seen at the end of " Britney's New Look " and at the meeting in " Major Boobage " as a background character. Pet In " Major Boobage ", she is shown to have a snow white cat. She is Wendy Testaburger's best friend, helping Wendy in situations such as getting Stan Marsh back from his substitute teacher, Ms. Ellenin the episode " Tom's Rhinoplasty ". Despite this, she abandons Wendy in " Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset " because she isn't enough of a stupid spoiled whore.

But Wendy had abandoned her in " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society " anyway because she was jealous of the attention the boys gave Bebe. One interesting tidbit is that she and Wendy are on different sides in " The Wacky Molestation Adventure ": Bebe is on Cartman's side and Wendy is on Stan and Kyle's side.

Picture of Wendy and Bebe in " The Hobbit ". In " The List ", she turned on Wendy at the end, with a gun, and almost killed her. After accidentally shooting Kenny, Bebe was arrested.

south park dating sim full

It's unknown whether their friendship is as close as it used to be; Bebe was seen paired with Lola in the mid-season 12 finale " Super Fun Time ". Asses of Fire despite Wendy's refusal to. It should be noted that though Wendy had a major role in the movie, Bebe was not shown being supportive of her or interacting with her in any way, as she was given very little dialogue.

Kyle Broflovski Bebe and Kyle Broflovski Bebe fell in love with Kyle because of his "fine ass" in the episode " Clubhouses ", and tried to pursue a relationship with him, which he didn't even realize was happening. She even kissed him while playing Truth or Dare, after which he ran off screaming. She immediately broke up with him, Kyle not even realizing they were going out, claiming that he was too co-dependent and that it was over between them.

She immediately went off to be with Clyde. But in the episode " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society ", Kyle and the other boys notice that there's something unusually attractive about Bebe all of a sudden.

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Later, while the boys are hurling rocks at cars with her, Kyle tries to show her a better way to throw her rocks after being jealous of Clyde showing her, though his interest in her was only due to her new-developed breasts, which the boys outgrew due to her showing up to class with a cardboard box over her chest a few days later.

Also, in the episode " Follow That Egg! After seeing Stan treat the egg without care, she states: This relationship wasn't looked into any further, but when Kyle tried to teach her how to throw rocks at cars in " Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society ", Clyde was the only one who tried to intervene, and he was concerned that Kyle was getting in the way of the relationship.

The reason given was that all the girls wanted discounts while shoe-shopping. As a result, she eventually started dating him again, albeit only to get free shoes from him.

Stan and Bebe, in " Follow That Egg! Bebe hasn't really been seen interacting with Stan but she has been seen as a sort of messenger between him and Wendy, as shown in " Raisins ", where she told Stan that Wendy was breaking up with him. Later on in the episode, Stan sought her for advice on how to win back Wendy.

In the episode " Clubhouses ", Bebe dares Stan to jam a stick up his peehole. Bebe also worked with Stan on a school project in " Follow That Egg!

south park dating sim full