Sprung dating game cheats

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sprung dating game cheats

We have 3 Walkthroughs for Sprung: The Dating Game. Check out our FAQ/ Walkthroughs which includes a Spurng guide if you need help with the game. Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Sprung on GameSpot. See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Sprung: The Dating Game. Help for Sprung: The Dating Game on Nintendo DS. More help, hints and .

If somebody does know how these two parts can be unlocked, please let me know. Everybody is determined to hook up with someone and to have a lot of fun. As Becky or Brett you need to take in account all the relationships between people to reach your own goals, by playing people against each other, make them feel special or to confront them. Who knows how your vacation on Snowbird Mountain will end. Best friend of Becky, but secretly has a crush on her.

ELLIOT Model scout for a local ski magazine. Uses his job sometimes to hook up with cute girls. DANNY A friend of Brett and a bit of a dork. CONOR His father is the owner of a couple of enterprises on Snowbird Mountain.

BECKY The female playable character. Of Dutch heritage and former girlfriend of Sean for two years. She has a bit of a dorky appearance and some very uninteresting hobbies. This tough blonde chick either likes you or not. SHANA A dreamy and not so down to earth kind of girl, a modern hippy dealing with astrology and spiritual stuff.

All men are scum. In my case I went along with Danny.

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But my name is Brett. What do you need? Maybe I should get your number first. How do you like it, huh?! Every time a new character is added to the previous one, so in the list below all the characters are repeated and followed by the new person. The choices below will do this the nicest way. It gets longer every time, but is completely new every time. Most emotions you can recognize, the orders are mentioned below.

Me me me me me me! Make sure you get what you want without giving up Becky. He met me and offered me a job on the spot. Please God say yes. How about the other two? Your goal is to remember everything correctly with Elliot and say this when talking to Shana.

One bottle of Kristal.

Sprung: The Dating Game Cheats and Cheat Codes, Nintendo DS

Eventually you will also discover his big secret. That sounds like a perfect match made in Hell! You held me up here The bad news is that you can only pick one item. There was another reason I wanted to talk to you! Or is it whom? Just wanted to chat. Why would she be on the bunny hill? Oddly enough, this game isn't a Japanese game and that means that no, the girls in it are not anime babes. So with that premise alone it was one of two games which sealed the deal for my getting a DS as hey, I'm a fan of the genre.

The D-Pad functions as START is used to pause the game. Or you can use the touch screen alone. Tap the screen on the choices you make, to speed up dialogue you can tap the screen while person is talking. In order to pick choice and see the other person's reaction to it, if any, you tap that choice once.

To confirm it you tap it again amazingly complicated ain't it? Click the screen while someone is talking so you can speed it up as if you were pressing "A" or "B" Glitches 1 Well, in my first runthrough I found a few glitches. The first I found in the Music section of the Extras, sometimes if you go too fast down the list for the music the game freezes.

It only happened once to me and is pretty rare. At least, it did with me. Luckily, you're reading this to avoid that. I won't include the dialogue that the two people say in this section. Later on I'll have a part of the FAQ devoted to it, for now, it won't have anything except for the choices.

Also to note, I'll say what option to take as in what I did, sometimes the option doesn't matter or leads to different dialogue and events. So for the sake of argument I'll only go with the branches I've done, the rest will eventually be completed.

Sprung (Becky) Part #25 - Chapter XV. Revenge

You've arrived at Snow Bird Mountain with your best friend, Becky. Learn how to score with the ladies. What a beautiful name. French names are lame. Can I have yours? That's OK, don't worry about it. All men are scum. That's why I never get lucky. We should do this again sometime. Your best boys, Lucas and Danny, want to help fill your void of a dating life.

Equip yourself for either severe babe-hunting or one-on-one romancing! Both of you are morons! I'm going to play the field!

I'm going to ask Becky out! You just opened the Snow Bird mountain Ski Shop for the day. What can I do for you?

sprung dating game cheats

But my name is Brett. But you can call me Daddy. If you'll excuse me, I've got some skis to polish. What do you need? He never gives you the money. The babe hunt is on! Beat your boys by getting more phone numbers than they get! The money doesn't matter, end result is the same. What's your phone number? There is no way you can get her number. While she does give you a number, she takes it right back, and it's not in your inventory.

sprung dating game cheats

You don't get her number yet. It's a relief to meet a woman who makes the first move! Maybe I should get your number first. How do you like it, huh?! Your friends are a bit touchy Remember their names in order for a bonus! Honestly, instead of telling you the list of choices, I'll just tell the order. Becky, Lucas, Danny Round 4: