Stringing along dating divas

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stringing along dating divas

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Catching A Liar: Knight in Shining Armor or Douchebag in Aluminum Foil?

My story derives from one liaison see broken heart post with someone who I thought was a good friend turned something more. He always fancied himself the hero type, standing up for women done wrong by men. As always, all names are kept confidential, this one is being kept to karma to do what it does best. The string is what you give someone you suspect of lying. If they are honest, then the string stays short and all is good.

I have always had success with the string and believe me, you will too. But you have to play the game, let them think you totally are on their side and let them think you believe everything they are saying to you.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race! We met as colleagues but he was in the land of far far away and I was here in Canada. We have been through various ups and downs together, as friends.

Topic: Stringing along?

This brought us closer together and created a very trusting and loving relationship. We decided to take it further one day and got to know each other on a more romantic level.

We had already been speaking almost every day via Internet — Twitter, Email, Facebook and Skype — and then texting. It was great, since we had the solid friendship base it was an easy transition into romance. There was love there already. No one really asked who it was. I was asked by one of our colleagues and was forced by him to lie sorry!

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I felt bad about it, but well, all in the name of love, right? So he booked his flight here to visit and when the day came for him to come he was so excited, sent me several text messages and then he had problems getting on the flight.

So he sent me a message that I would have to go there. I said no problem! I will book my flight as soon as I get confirmation from my manager that I can go. I ended up hearing from him later in the day saying he was busy in business meetings all day and that we would book later when we both were home.

OK, no problem I said. He kept putting it off and putting it off. That, my friends, is when my ball of string came out. The next day he sent me a message that someone very close to him was very ill and in the hospital. OK I said, I knew how much this person meant to him so I was patient.

Each day that went by, I was more and more patient. But he started speaking to me less and less. Even responses to my emails were becoming a rare treat. I had a habit of sending him a good morning email with something funny to try to cheer him up and make him smile. June 7, at 1: You came on string about making time and having feelings.

If he made plans to keep in touch, more visits, etc. Can anyone help me how to get over it…He is the only person I am thinking about when I wake up. I am still notlooking at his social network or anything…but my heart and mind are still there. Yo ae right in our culture parents have a big role, and his parents might have other prospects which they might encourage him to meet to. So here I am in what if situation….

This person is hot and cold but when I met him. Prairegirl I am used to his non texting habit this is not something new, so this makes me more confuse that is he done here and vanished? I think the problem is that you talked for three months and got emotionally invested too easily and quickly.

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June 7, at 2: But yes I got emotionally invested after meeting him but he vanished on me: I know no one has answers what I am trying to find. Why he said he wants to know me better before he could decide is this a way of saying no 2.

How will I ever find my answers? Do guys in general explore other options before committing to one they find may be OKish? Is this guy telling me he is not sure means a NO! Be open and honest and ask him. No one hear can answer those questions. My sense is that he has low interest and is trying not to hurt your feelings. But just ask him if he has further interest in getting know you further.

Do not do it in text.

stringing along dating divas

That way he has to answer you. I think his non response was an answer.

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June 7, at 3: If he wants to resume dating you when he gets back from vacation, he will get in touch with you. You have no idea if he wants to see you again, so stop with the negative thinking.

Calm down and distract your thoughts of him and get on with your own life. You are right…he is gone for more than a month and he said that when he returns back we can see what we feel….

See I am not saying if he says me NO today I will jump on to the very next guy asap…I am not that kind of a person I will take my time to cleanse my soul for the next person without even a stain of his thoughts. GOD Bless you all with all the Happiness! June 7, at 4: If you continue to have these kind of thoughts, a man can feel this …it comes across in the way you think, feel and talk.

It will affect your texting, FaceTime, anything really. Men really pick up on this. Hugs June 7, at 4: It takes men quite a while to develop strong feelings for a woman. You really need to calm down!

If he contacts you after he gets back from vacation, go with the flow and be upbeat.

stringing along dating divas