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Photos have emerged of Phillip Moi's daughter, Talissa. A student of the Oxford University who was previously rumoured to be dating Uhuru Kenyatta's son. Check Out Moi's Gorgeous Grand Daughter Who Was Rumored To Be Dating Muhoho Kenyatta. There were rumors that one of Moi's granddaughters was dating the son to the most powerful man in the land Uhuru Kenyatta. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or. The son of Kenya's founding president and a man who epitomises the country's elite, Uhuru Kenyatta hopes to win a second and final five-year term in. He is married with three children and regularly attends Catholic church. ally of autocratic former president Daniel arap Moi who had him nominated as.

Uhuru Kenyatta: from millionaire playboy to Kenyan president

The year-old US-educated multi-millionaire, whose family owns an array of businesses, properties and tracts of land, followed in his father's footsteps when he defeated his rival Raila Odinga in Kenyatta won that poll despite being indicted by the International Criminal Court ICC along with his running mate, William Ruto, for alleged roles in orchestrating violence that left over 1, dead after the previous election in Foreign powers, including Britain and the US, warned at the time that Kenya, under an ICC-indicted president, would be a pariah, but the threats proved empty.

In the ICC dropped charges against Kenyatta -- and Ruto later -- citing the disappearance of witnesses and lack of evidence. But this has gone hand-in-hand with spiralling debt and widening inequality.

President Uhuru Kenyatta becomes a grandfather after his son and daughter-in-law have a child

Terrorism has also been a consistent threat during his presidency with Kenyatta being forced to address the nation in doleful terms on numerous occasions, notably after the Westgate mall attack and the Garissa university attack.

His first name means "freedom" in Kiswahili. Educated at a private school in Nairobi and at Amherst College in the US, Kenyatta is regarded as a leader of the Kikuyu people, the country's single largest ethnic group.

He is married with three children and regularly attends Catholic church. Despite his elite background Kenyatta has a common touch.

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He easily mixes it up with ordinary Kenyans, eagerly gets down on the dance floor and joshes in the local youth slang and, in his younger years, earned a persistent reputation for partying hard. A leaked US diplomatic cable described him as "bright and charming, even charismatic" but warned that "Kenyatta's liabilities are at least as important as his strengths.

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