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attila the stockbroker free europe dating

Indefatigable in his advocacy for political change and finding time to play his belt to date Attila the Stockbroker has forged an international reputation, in . ( ) to date alongside my solo shows, mostly in mainland Europe. , Each copy comes with a free CD: 'The Long Goodbye/Never Too Late' ( Poems This is my most personal poetry collection to date. 30 Newcastle - The Replay 34 Written From Scratch 35 Attila the Stockbroker Cleans Up The Fire/Frogspawn Man vs. the Boy Racers/On Being 'European'/New World Order Rap!/. (Germany)This Is Free Europe CD/LP (Terz) (Australia) Attila the Stockbroker's Greatest Hits cassette (Roundhead) Poems Ancient.

I have done that for over 20 of my 38 years on stage, starting long before the internet made things a lot easier than they are now. Do you approach the process of writing a piece to be recited differently from one intended for music, is there always a clear separation or is the process much more porous?

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It is almost always apparent where something will finish up. I only ever write when an idea comes, but they are always surging up since I write about what is happening in the world and to me personally and there is never a shortage of material.

Sadly, in the sense that so much of my work is a response to injustice in all its forms. I do write an increasing amount of very personal stuff these days too, as my latest poetry collection bears witness. It seems that sometimes there is a resistance from certain quarters of the literary world towards stand up or performance poetry, which is unfairly disparaged and somehow seen as not proper poetry, what has your experience of this been and do you think that attitudes are changing?

My status in the literary world is an absolute zero, I have to say. Social media is just as powerful these days, perhaps more so, and I quite like being an outsider.

attila the stockbroker free europe dating

I have about 30, people interested in my activities across Facebook and Twitter and more gig offers than I can fulfil all over the UK and further afield. I lead a wonderful, interesting life doing what I love, and no one can ask for more than that.

I was one of the activists determined to save our club from property-speculating bastards and secure us a permanent home, also PA announcer and DJ during our 14 years in exile at Gillingham and Withdean and Poet in Residence from the year to date.

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I will always say that the successful battle to rescue the Seagulls remains one of the most inspiring grass roots actions I have ever been involved in. Last season, our first in the Premier League, I put the football first, turning down loads of good gigs that people needed confirmed well in advance.

In a wider sense I feel an affinity with footballers in the sense that unlike the majority of the population we earn our living doing what we love.

attila the stockbroker free europe dating

For this reason I can never understand players who do not give their all on the pitch — especially if they are earning more in a week than many people do in a year. I put the same energy into a performance to 20 people, or Instinctive love of the simple ancient sounds, simple as that.

Attila the Stockbroker

The rest is a long story I shall keep as short as possible. McGhee drums with Captain Sensible on bass for our first two gigs! Last October, I suddenly had an idea. For me, his escapewas a disaster for the future path of English history, and the title of this album shows my thoughts on the restoration!

Attila the Stockbroker

So here is the story of and its aftermath as seen from the perspective of a modern day Ranter I have been a ranting poet sinceas many will know and my band, playing Roundhead Renaissancecore and celebrating a period which the richand powerful have always sought to erase from history.

Attila the Stockbroker, June The album is 58 minutes long.

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There has been a massive change in the political landscape with the election of Jeremy Corbyn. So many people who had written off the Labour Party as a force for social change have rejoined — including me. We have to keep our nerve and build the widest possible movement to defeat the Tories and bring their unspeakable legacy of poverty, division and bigotry to an end.

I want to see no arguing between all of us on the Left and a concentration of our anger and focus on the bastards who are destroying everything that is good and worthwhile about this country to line the pockets of their cronies.

Four tours of the GDR before the Wall came down. Ask him about it. Filling in for Donny Osmond at the Marquee, Totally acoustic around in the huge cabaret marquee at Glastonbury when the generator broke I am very loud for a poet Oxford Union. Huge ruck on stage in 82 at Skunx when attacked by Nazi boneheads. A lot to choose from…. Do you have a favourite poem to perform live and why?

To take Barnstormer as far as we can go, both electric, semi acoustic and totally unamplified which works wonderfully in a place with good acoustics!! To never give up, never get downhearted, support the causes I believe in, and live and perform as long as I can. Simple as that really. What are the challenges you have faced maintaining a career that has remained true to a DIY ethos and how do you think things have changed since you started out? I am keeping the answers short from now on. Oh, and he is a superb writer too.

Although we can say the same for many of the luminaries who emerged from that period, a cursory glance at some of the poems included in the book does lead you to think that this is a talent that would have found an outlet regardless. However, it is clear that Attila and punk have a bond that is unbreakable and an early Clash gig had an influence on him that has lasted for life.

The DIY aspect of the early punk scene has also served him well, having made a living from his writing and performances since Starting off not as a poet, but as a bassist in two Brighton punk bands and a Brussels based outfit, he eventually graduated, as he always felt he would, to a solo act accompanying himself on mandolin. That is until it was smashed over his head in one of the most gripping passages in the book. This is a sadly common theme in music memoirs from that period but, for all the downs of extremists smashing up venues, at least people then stood up and said what they believed.

And Attila certainly did that.

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Longevity and independence are two of the key themes of the book and both mean that Attila has certainly had an interesting career. His thoughts on Oi and Gary Bushell are particularly interesting and maybe not what you would expect as is his belief in taking his views to his opponents. Interestingly, he feels unable to commit to any organised political movement, or that was the case when the book was written.