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Military mail, as opposed to civilian mail, refers to the postal services provided by armed forces There is some evidence of it dating back to Ancient Egypt of the 2nd The British Forces Post Office (BFPO) provides a postal service to HM Forces, In , in collaboration with Royal Mail, the BFPO introduced UK-style . Canada Post Corporation. Postal Date Published, December 15, . Free letter-carrier delivery service was introduced in Montréal on 1 October See also Commons:Stamps/Public domain templates. . corporations or legal persons shall last for 50 years from the date of . COM:CRT/Canada#Stamps . announced 27 March , German postage stamps are not "official works" designed more than 70 years ago, before 1 January ) are free.

Such branding is not used in Scotland due to dispute over the current monarch's title. The dispute included vandalism and attacks on pillar and post boxes introduced in Scotland that displayed EIIR.

To avoid the dispute, pillar boxes in Scotland were either marked 'Post Office' or use the Scots Crown. The London Post Office Railway was opened in The service was later extended to: The office of Postmaster General was abolished and replaced with the positions of chairman and chief executive in the new company. The remaining business continued under public ownership as privatisation of this was deemed to be too unpopular.

However, in the s President of the Board of Trade Michael Heseltine began investigating a possible sale and eventually a Green Paper on Postal Reform was published in Mayoutlining various options for privatisation. The ideas though, proved controversial and were dropped from the Queen's Speech after a number of Conservative MPs warned Heseltine they would not vote for the legislation.

This led to the Postal Services Actwhere the Post Office became a public limited company in which the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry owned 50, ordinary shares plus 1 special share, and the Treasury Solicitor held 1 ordinary share. Inthe Consumer Council for Postal Services, known as Postwatchwas created for consumers to express any concerns they may have with the postal service in Britain. Royal Mail introduced Pricing in Proportion PiP for first and second class inland mail, whereby prices are affected by the size as well as weight of items.

It also introduced an online postage service, allowing customers to pay for postage online. Royal Mail ended Sunday collections from pillar boxes that year. The recommendations in the Hooper Review led Business Secretary Lord Mandelson to seek to part privatise the company by selling a minority stake to a commercial partner.

However, despite legislation for the sale passing the House of Lordsit was abandoned in the House of Commons after strong opposition from backbench Labour MPs. The government later cited the difficult economic conditions for the reason behind the retreat.

Several free services including petitions to parliament and the sovereign, and poste restante were removed from the scheme. On 1 AprilPost Office Ltd became independent of Royal Mail Group and was reorganised to become a subsidiary of Royal Mail Holdings, [58] with a separate management and board of directors.

Cable explained his position before the House of Commons: The government's decision on the sale is practical, it is logical, it is a commercial decision designed to put Royal Mail's future on a long-term sustainable business.

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It is consistent with developments elsewhere in Europe where privatised operators in Austria, Germany and Belgium produce profit margins far higher than the Royal Mail but have continued to provide high-quality and expanding services. Last Edited May 25, The postal system is a network of postal facilities serving people in all parts of Canada, of transportation services linking post offices and thousands of people dedicated to transmitting mail.

It is a service used for personal, social and commercial purposes. Co-operation between postal systems transcends political differences and makes it possible to exchange mail almost anywhere in the world.

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Designed by Thomas Fuller, Galt, Post office in Dawson City, Yukon, constructed in the s. Built as a post office inin the s the building at 10 Toronto Street housed a bank public domain. Canada post mailbox with slot and logo. Postal outlets or retail outlets are found in stores and businesses for the convenience of the public.

In these, the owner of the business acts as the postmaster and provides a postal clerk as necessary.

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In rural areas of a certain density a rural delivery service is provided. In some cases community mailboxes may be set up at convenient points where customers can pick up their mail. Lock boxes are also provided in urban locations. Mail may be sent to a specific address or by general delivery to a post office to be picked up by the addressee.

As ofCanada Post delivered more than 9 billion pieces of mail to With postal operations representing about 80 per cent of consolidated revenues, Canada Post also owns controlling stakes in Purolator Courier, a Canadian overnight delivery company, SCI Group, which provides supply chain management services, and joint venture Innovapost, which handles the Group's computing and information systems. Postal History Early commerce required a means of exchanging information as well as goods and services.

The growth of empires required a speedy and reliable system for issuing orders, and receiving and responding to reports.

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Using a system of relay posts, ancient Egypt was able to send messages quickly over long distances. The Romans, with fast horses and good roads, were able to assure next-day delivery up to km by post.

The next great improvement came with the development of steam vehicles in the 19th century. The railways carried mail over km in a day.

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In the 20th century, aircraft carry mail thousands of kilometres a day. With electronic facsimile transmittal fax by satellitemail has been sent around the world in only a few minutes.

The modern postal system began in England with the introduction of the adhesive postage stamp by Rowland Hill in Hill also devised the uniform postage-rate schedules based on weight, rather than size, and made the prepayment of postage both possible and practical. The British government adopted Hill's system in May and its use quickly became worldwide. Significant Developments in Canada When the French arrived in North America in the 16th century, messages were carried among the Indigenous inhabitants of the land by swift and trusted messengers.

The French adopted the practice of using canoes between settlements along the St Lawrence River. The messenger also carried messages for a fee. InBenjamin Franklin was appointed as one of two deputies postmaster general for the British colonies.

InFranklin organized the first regular monthly mail packet service between Falmouth, England, and New York. He opened the first official post office in Canada in HalifaxNova Scotiato link Halifax with the Atlantic colonies and the packet service to England. A post office for local and outgoing mail had been started by Benjamin Leigh in Halifax in April Hugh Finlay, a Scottish immigrant, became postmaster.

InFranklin was dismissed because of his sympathy with the American revolutionary causeand Finlay became deputy postmaster general for the northern colonies.

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Bythe mails were being seriously disrupted by the revolutionaries. The Revolutionary War ended in ; and, on 7 JulyHugh Finlay became the deputy postmaster general for Canada. The revolution brought a major immigration of Loyalists to Canada and a demand for improved postal services. The round trip with the mail took 15 weeks. By there were postmasters general in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Province of Canadabut the British government still administered the postal system.

The provincial deputies were convinced that they could operate the system more efficiently and petitioned Queen Victoria for a transfer of authority. The queen's approval was gazetted on 22 February and became effective 5 April From then until Confederationthe provinces co-operated in providing the mail service required, with W.

Griffin, secretary in charge, reporting to the Honourable James Morris, postmaster general of the Province of Canada.

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The new decentralized, co-operative arrangement lived up to the expectation of its advocates. Rates were reduced and volumes doubled in the first year of provincial co-operation. By sail had largely given way to steam as a reliable way to move the mail over Canada's major water routes.

In these services were put on an interconnecting schedule and extended to the head of Lake Ontario to speed up the mail from Canada West.

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The year was disastrous. New rules made the service safer, more reliable and less costly. A direct line to Australia calling at Honolulu and Fiji was established in Previous Next Inthe Canadian Development Company took over the mail service from the North-West Mounted Police and began a semi-weekly boat service between Atlin and Bennett, and between Bennett and Dawson during the navigation season in the Yukon.

Postal clerks began sorting and distributing the mail en route on the Niagara-to-London Ontario run in By the trial period for the travelling post offices was over and an order-in-council established the standards for their use on the Grand Trunk Railway on 12 August Canadian Pacificnamed the Empress - restored steam engine. August 12, Freight train moving along Bow river in Canadian Rockies. Scotia type locomotive, shown in a cent stamp courtesy Canada Post Corp.

Previous Next The post office was one of the first federal-government departments formed after Confederation and took over the postal service on 1 April As the Canadian Pacific Railway stretched across the prairies in the s a railway post office, addressed as "End of Tracks," moved with it, bringing banking, money order and mail order facilities to the settlers.

It began a national mail service that was the envy of the world for 80 years. Free rural mail delivery began between Hamilton and AncasterOntario, on 10 October Two weeks later, Katherine Stinson became Canada's first woman airmail pilot when she flew authorized letters from Calgary to Edmonton. On 4 October the first contract airmail service commenced between Lac du BonnetBissett and Wadhope in Manitoba.

This service continued until In Januaryfamed bush pilot Punch Dickins, with engineer L. Lundy of Western Canada Airways and post office inspector T. In Decemberairmail between Fort McMurray and Aklavik linked the Northwest Territories with the postal system and established a postal service some km within the Arctic Circle. An airmail contract helped finance Trans-Canada Airlines in It was extended to the Maritimes in January On 1 JulyCanada became the first country in the world to introduce domestic "all up" service.

First-class mail was carried by air at regular postage rates. Technological Change In the 19th century steamboats and trains made it possible to carry more mail quickly over long distances, at the same time sorting it en route, thus eliminating some of the dead time and post-office handling. Mechanization of the postal transportation system brought a tremendous improvement in speed and reliability. In the s the introduction of conveyor belts, elevators and gravity-feed systems greatly reduced the time and labour required to move mail within the post offices.

An Alberta mailman, J. Lapierre, built a snow machine to deliver mail between St Paul and St Lina, Albertain the winter of He replaced the front wheels of a Model T Ford with skis. The front wheels were then connected in tandem with the rear wheels and a double-length set of chains went on over each pair of wheels.