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RSBE01 Smash Bros Brawl (US) Codelist assembled by Warchamp7 . P1 Super Mario: 4A FB8 4A color overlay 01 = Lighter 02 = Darker 03 = Darker 04 = Completely black 05 in certain modes (The Subspace Emissary, and modes that don't have items. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a crossover fighting video game developed by Sora Ltd. and Game . Brawl features a new 'Adventure' mode titled "The Subspace Emissary", . Since Brawl's launch, the Smash Service has updated the game's Vault with .. The game placed 15th in Official Nintendo Magazine's greatest . Price: CDN$ & FREE Shipping. Third Party - Super Smash Bros Brawl Occasion [ WII ] - Amazon Bestsellers Rank: # in Video Games (See Top in Video In the solo mode called "The Subspace Emissary," the world of Smash Bros. is . I play with my whole family we absolutely love it.

Problems Black Background in Off-Screen Hoop When a character goes off-screen, it will display the character in a hoop, but the background is black. Correct Pikachu Saving Screenshots Taking a screenshot from the pause menu will produce a garbled mess or black. This error only appears when interacting with Nintendo WiFi Connection menus.

Saves Not Working On rare occasions the game will create a save but be unable to read or write to it. The exact reason why this happens is unknown. The save file is now corrupted. It should be deleted and recreated: A new gameplay mechanic are Final Smashes.

To perform a Final Smashyour character will have to come into possession of the Smash Ball by attacking it, which will appear throughout the battle. Once he or she does so, pressing the B button will execute an attack that will cause colossal damage to whomever was attacked. Each character has a different final smash. For example, if Mario obtains a Smash Ball, his body will be engulfed in flames, and he'll rapidly shoot giant fireballs across the whole stage to perform Mario Finalewhile Sonic will turn into his alternate form known as Super Sonic.

The development team has implemented new techniques in Brawl, including "moving and shooting", "footstool jump", and "gliding". In previous Super Smash Bros. This time around, you'll not only be able to move, jump and what-not while shooting, but you'll also be able to aim your shots as well.

To perform the footstool jump, you'll have to, at the right time, press the jump button right before you land on one of your opponents to launch off of them. Gliding will allow certain characters to, as its name implies, glide in the air.

Break the Targets 2. Boss Battle Mode f. Group Mode [Grp] a. Donkey Kong [CharDK] 6. Diddy Kong [CharDid] 7. Toon Link [CharToon] Ice Climbers [CharIC] Meta Knight [CharMet] King Dedede [CharD3] Captain Falcon [CharFalc] Item Compendium [Itm] XI.

Collector's Guide to Stickers [Stckr] a. Ways to Collect Stickers b. Do not copy this FAQ and claim it as your own, or else you'll meet severe penalties. Nothing personal, it just gets confusing to keep track of which FAQ is up-to-date and which is not, so I will decline any requests to put my FAQ on your site.

My e-mail address is gmaster gmail. You can email me for questions, comments, or even suggestions, just make sure your emails are coherent. I will not accept spam or hate mail, as they will get deleted. I will also delete any emails that are not coherent. In other words, do not use l33t internet speak or chatroom shortened words. Also, one last note, before asking a question about Brawl through an email, check this guide to make sure your question isn't already answered.

I've broken down the game as much as I can in this guide, so it should be easy to navigate. Also be sure to check out Frequently Asked Questions section, your question might be quickly answered there, too. Pretty much all stuff is here, which includes the basics, the techniques, and a few advanced techs.


All the modes are covered and each character has their comprehensive moveset covered. Important secrets are shown as well, for how to unlock characters, stages, event matches, etc. KO percentages and Attributes for each character have not yet been done yet, though Mario and Luigi both have the KO percentages list. I will update the characters daily. The sticker and trophy lists are also incomplete, but I'm working on them as well.

Hey, I coulda done more, but today was a lazy day. Oh, and fixed a few typos here and there. To make up for the long downtime, there's major updates to the characters section, for Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser.

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All except Peach are still incomplete though. Some other things have also been changed up. I will gradually update the other characters in time, but for now it's the main four Mario series characters. Come here if you're new to the Smash Bros. Brawl is a slight exception to this rule, as a few third-party characters have joined to face off!

The basic deal is to attack your opponent to increase their damage percentage. The more damage an opponent has taken, the farther he'll fly from the same attack dealt in a lower percentage.

High damage can also affect a character's stamina, such as trying to climb up from hanging on a ledge. He's a lot slower in doing so. To win, keep attacking the opponent until he flies off the stage and eventually off the screen, thus KO'ing the opponent if he flies far off the screen. Some modes have a point system for KO's. That'll be explained later in the Game Modes section. These will be listed below and explained in detail. Each character has one, and they can only be performed with an item called a Smash Ball.

When the Smash Ball appears, it's a race to grab it! Once you have the power, your character gains a multi-colored aura. Press the Special Attack button to unleash this super-powered attack!

Of course, it won't activate if you try to do a directional Special Attack. There are things called "Pity Final Smashes," which are given to you if you're too far behind from the rest.

They're basically free Final Smashes, and are given to you right when you spawn back onto the stage. You can move forwards and backwards, and even jump. This is great for setting up an edgeguard. Usually recovering is used with the double jump and Up special move when applicablebut other characters have different recovery techniques to use along with those.

These recovery techniques will be discussed in the characters section. Each is very different. Now in Brawl, all you have to do is hold the standard attack button to do these combos.

It makes it a little easier for some of them. Basically, to do a Footstool Jump, jump on top of someone, and with perfect timing, jump to launch off from that character! It does have Meteor Smash capabilities, but it's a rather weak Meteor Smash. This can be useful for recovery, especially if someone inexperienced tries to intercept you.

Once connected, press a button to jump up from the "Tether. The characters who can use Tether Recovery will be noted in their own character profiles under Recovery techniques.

However, since Tether Recovery only hooks to a specific spot on the ledge, you cannot Tether Recover if someone is edge-hogging. See Advanced Techniques Gliding A new gameplay technique exclusive only to winged characters is the ability to glide. With this, you can glide in one direction for as long as it's activated. To use it, simply hold the jump button while in a mid-air jump. P When gliding, you can go up or down by pressing up or down directions. Like real gliding, you can stall if you go up too much.

However, you can also only go one direction, and if you get attacked, your glide will be cancelled. Shielding is your main form of defense. Without defense, you can't have a good offense, right? So this is essential to learn.

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Make primary use of your shield so that you can build up a good offense. Of course, shield too much and it will break, stunning your character and rendering him motionless for many precious seconds. So while you should depend on shielding, don't use it too much. There are also certain items or moves that can either instantly break an opponent's shield or break it faster, so learn these moves and adjust your strategy accordingly. Dodging is also very useful, you can completely avoid attacks with dodging.

You can dodge by holding the shield button and then pressing either left, down, or right. Each direction does a different dodge. Dodging also makes you invincible while doing it, so it's alright to use it proactively. You can also perform a dodge in mid-air by simply pressing the shield button.

Brawl's Air Dodge works differently than in Melee, in that this Air Dodge still keeps you going in the direction you were moving, except with some invincibility. This means no directional air dodging like in Melee. First off, I will explain hitboxes. A hitbox, essentially, is something that covers an entire character. There are different kinds of hitboxes, but when not attacking, your character is surrounded with what I call a "neutral hitbox.

Likewise, if your "neutral hitbox" is hit with an attack, your character gets hit. Of course, there's also what I call a "defensive hitbox" which basically covers the whole character during frames of invincibility or super armor.

This way, the character will either not take damage at all, or simply not flinch from attacks. Got the gist of what hitboxes are? If you do, continue reading. A "disjointed hitbox" is an attack that, when executed, will not let you get damaged if another person comes into contact with that hitbox with their own attack. Prime examples for this are projectiles and swords.

Many of Ness's and Lucas's attacks also have disjointed hitboxes, since they use PK energy to attack.

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Grabs are one of the best attacking techniques: To grab, either press the assigned grab button, or shield and press the standard attack button at the same time. Shield grabs are more beneficial, as you can avoid an incoming attack and grab the opponent immediately afterwards. While your hold is on an opponent, you can attack by pressing the standard attack button, or throw in any of the four directions. As said before, make grabs a priority, as you can set up some great combos with these.

You can also grab while someone is shielding, so use that as an opportunity! This has been a tradition in Smash Bros. Basically, if you use the same attack over and over, the damage and knockback dealt will decrease over time. So if you spam your Forward Smash through the whole fight, it will prove ineffective with minimum damage and knockback after a minute or so. The only way to prevent Stale-Move Negation is to use all your moves in a variegated manner.

Simply, do not spam a certain move, because even though it seems effective at first, it soon won't be. It's interesting to know, so make sure you aren't too far from the opponent if you want to do some real damage with your attacks. Some stages have water that can you can swim around in. In actuality, you're swimming on the surface of water by moving left and right.

After a while, you'll start to sink, so make sure you use your swimming time to jump back to shore. The stamina system mentioned in Basics also takes its effect in swimming, as the higher damage you take, the less time you can stay afloat.

They can trip randomly if they dash, and the frequency increases as characters take damage. Tripping acts just as if a character slipped on a Banana Peel item. However, during a trip, the character is invulnerable for a brief period until he lands. You can immediately roll to the side to get back on your feet, so you won't be helpless when you do trip. Other than damage, tripping is fairly uncommon, so don't worry about it.

Also, characters can trip if they are hit with a ground attack that aims for the legs. Why get up when there's food there?