10 instrumentos de percussion yahoo dating

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10 instrumentos de percussion yahoo dating

Date: Thu, 22 Nov + .. His works include music for solo accordeon, accordeon and percussion, and From: [email protected] . It will be so wonderfull if you can write some email TO [email protected] .. a artistas nacionales y extranjeros que necesitan incorporar dicho instrumento a sus. Salsa music is a popular dance music genre that initially arose in New York City during the 7 Films; 8 See also; 9 References; 10 Further reading; 11 External links .. As Sonny Bravo explains: "In salsa, the piano is more of a percussion instrument than a Instrumentos de la música folclórico-popular de Cuba v. 1, v. 2. The ruan (Chinese: 阮; pinyin: ruǎn) is a traditional Chinese plucked string instrument. It is a lute with a fretted neck, a circular body, and four strings. Its four .

The first measure of clave is considered "strong", contradicting the meter with three cross beats and generating a sense of forward momentum.

Ruan - Wikipedia

The second measure is considered "weak". Clave resolves in the second measure when the last stroke coincides with the last main beat of the cycle. As the pattern is repeated, an alternation from one polarity to the other takes place creating pulse and rhythmic drive. Were the pattern to be suddenly reversed, the rhythm would be destroyed as in a reversing of one magnet within a series Should the [music] fall out of clave the internal momentum of the rhythm will be dissipated and perhaps even broken.

The following examples show clave with the bongo bell and timbale bell parts in both a and a sequence.

10 instrumentos de percussion yahoo dating

Timbale bell and bongo bell bottom in clave. The following example shows the most common conga two drumstimbale bell, and bongo bell pattern combination used in salsa music. Guajeos are a seamless blend of European harmonic and African rhythmic structures.

A piano guajeo may be played during the verse section of a song, but it is at the center of the montuno section. That is why some salsa musicians refer to piano guajeos as montunos. Piano guajeos are one of the most recognizable elements in salsa music. As Sonny Bravo explains: When you're backing a soloist, you play a riff over and over again.

Salsa music

This is what we call guajeo. The pianist uses this guajeo to provide the rhythm section with its drive. This is most likely an influence of jazz conventions. The three-side first measure consists of the tresillo variant known as cinquillo.

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In salsa "one" can be on either side of clave, because the harmonic progression, rather than the rhythmic progression is the primary referent. The following guajeo is based on the clave motif in a two-three sequence. The cinquillo rhythm is now in the second measure.

10 instrumentos de percussion yahoo dating

It begins with an offbeat pick-up on the pulse immediately before beat 1. With some guajeos, offbeats at the end of the two-side, or onbeats at the end of the three-side serve as pick-ups leading into the next measure when clave is written in two measures. This guajeo is in two-three clave because it begins on the downbeat, emphasizing the onbeat quality of the two-side. The figure has the same exact harmonic sequence as the previous example, but rhythmically, the attack-point sequence of the two measures is reversed.

When salsa uses non-Cuban rhythms, such as a Puerto Rican plena, guajeos are essential to tie that genre in with the salsa format. The third measure outlines a G7 chord. The other measures outline C. Bass tumbao[ edit ] Most salsa bass tumbaos are based on the tresillo pattern. Often the last note of the measure ponche is held over the downbeat of the next measure.

In this way, only the two offbeats of tresillo are sounded.

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This tumbao is clave-neutral. Some salsa tumbaos that have a specific alignment with clave. The following bass line coincides with three of the clave's five strokes. The module begins with four ascending eighth-notes starting on the second [quarter-note of the measure].

10 instrumentos de percussion yahoo dating

This configuration emphasizes the In both of the modules, these four notes move from G3 to Eb4. Although the first, third, and fourth notes G3, C4, and Eb4 are identical in both modules, the second note reflects the change in harmony. In the first module, this note is the Bb3 third of the tonic harmony; in the module repetition, the A3 is the fifth of the dominant. Of the final five notes in the module, the first four are [offbeats]; the final D4 is on the [last quarter-note] in the second measure of the module.

Along with the final D4, the initial D4 on the [last offbeat] in the first measure of the module and the Eb4 on the [offbeat] immediately preceding the final note of the module are identical in both modules. The [offbeats] in the second-module measure reflect the harmonic changes.

The first version of the module is over the dominant chord and contains the pitches A3 the fifth and C4 the seventh. A Bb3 is sounded twice on the two [offbeats] in the module's repetition and represents the third G minor tonic chord. But more than that. Now, if you have a happy and fulfilling life without dating, you shouldn't feel pressured into a social scene that's not right for you.

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