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Bacardi Limited is the largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world. Facundo began attempting to "tame" rum by isolating a proprietary strain of yeast still used in Bacardi production. This yeast gives Bacardi rum its flavour profile. An extensive guide to the rich taste—and tumultuous history—of Cuban rum. up in a fiery intellectual property and trademark dispute dating back to the Cuban These are two different rums to be sure, but Bacardi claims its. It'a a well known fact all Bacardi rums SUCK! los rones esos de sabores Some people in Cuba (at least) still have access to Yahoo mail (I.

While this rum had a good raspberry flavor, I personally found it to be too sweet for my palate. I think the Razz would make an excellent flavoring agent in cocktails and would be refreshing with just soda or tonic water.

Unlike other coconut rums, this was not sickly sweet and exuded flavors of a true, natural coconut, not a chemical fake coconut taste.

Highly recommended for cocktails! Another rum flavor La Diva believes is targeted towards the younger set…. If you like that taste, you will love this. Perhaps mixing with a liqueur or another flavored rum would do the trick? Not too chemical or fake, I found the rum to be a more natural melon flavor and definitely not sickly and syrupy like Midori.

Definitely could mix some fun cocktails with this rum.

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The bottle says that the rum is flavored with the exotic dragonberry and strawberries. However, all I could taste with this rum was a strong and sweet strawberry taste. And now that I think about it, it might make a good base for a summertime fruit punch.

The label says Barbados cherry and torched aloe. Bloody marketing department taking liberties again! However……I loved this burnt cherry rum and found it solved my cherry basil mojito challenges! I had come up with the idea of a cherry basil mojito a few months back and was damn determined to perfect the concoction as I just KNEW it would be a complimentary combo. But while La Diva tried using real cherries, frozen cherries, cherry preserves and basil sugar syrup to create a tasty cherry basil mojito, none of them was quite right.

One of the problems was that the flavor of limes in the mojito was overpowering while the lack of lime juice left the cocktail without any depth or anywhere near being a mojito. With the cherry flavored rum, my problems were solved. I simply muddle a few basil leaves with sugar and ONE lime wedge, added 1. Of course, this cherry rum was delicious with coke! And finally, Bacardi Peach Red: Like cherry, I find true peach flavor to be elusive in flavored liquors. I immediately concocted a delicious and refreshing summer cocktail with it: Summery and delicious without being too sweet.

Garnish with peach slice and enjoy! The Bacardi flavored rum range is an excellent way to make fun and flavorful cocktails without adding fruit puree or flavored sugar syrups, a time AND money saver. Some of that white rum is bottled and sold, while the rest is put back into barrels and aged longer. The white rum is smooth and soft, unique in its ability to blend well in cocktails. The rum that is aged longer is good for sipping, especially while passing a bottle around and smoking cigars after dinner in the tradition of sobremesa "over the table".

Havana Club or Havana Club? Cuban rum is currently wrapped up in a fiery intellectual property and trademark dispute dating back to the Cuban Revolution. The question being debated in U. Does authentic Cuban rum have to be made in Cuba? Havana Club is the most popular and iconic brand of Cuban rum in the world.

Like all companies in Cuba, it is a joint venture between the Cuban government and a private company, in this case the French spirits distributor Pernod Ricard. Havana Club is sold globally except in the U. You may have noticed Havana Club on the shelves of your local liquor store. That brand, as it turns out, is not the same as the one sold in Cuba and around the world. Instead, it is made in Puerto Rico and bottled in Florida by Bacardi.

It's a Puerto Rican-style rum, so it isn't aged as long. It doesn't have the same texture. In the late s, there were two major rum-distilling families in Cuba: The Arechabalas made a rum they called Havana Club, which was incredibly popular and was sold in the U.

Then inFidel Castro's regime "nationalized" all companies, including these famous families' distilleries. The families were forced into exile. This brain drain also happened to the cigar industry, which is why many believe the quality of Cuban cigars went downhill after the Revolution.

The Bacardis made it out all right; they had anticipated the government takeover, so had stashed their intellectual property offshore. They also had distilleries in Mexico and Puerto Rico, so relocation was easy. The Arechabala family, however, did not. They moved to the U. Meanwhile, the Castro regime was churning out Havana Club as fast as it could bottle it, selling most of the rum to the Soviets. In the mids, the Arechabalas allowed their American trademark on the Havana Club name to run out, so the Cuban government snatched it up.

It could not sell Havana Club in the U.

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But when the U. So in it penned a deal with Pernod Ricard the company behind Jameson, Absolut, and Beefeater to produce and distribute Havana Club around the world. Within months, the Arechabalas decided to seek revenge and sold their Havana Club recipe and, according to them, its American trademark to the Bacardis makers of Grey Goose, Dewar's, and Bombay Sapphire.

Bacardi filed for the American trademark and began distilling its own version of Havana Club in Puerto Rico. It quietly began appearing on American shelves in the '90s, and once it did, Pernod Ricard and the Cuban government launched a legal battle with the company, one that continues to this day in American courts. Bacardi claims its Havana Club is actually more authentic than the one currently being made in Cuba.

Its primary claim is that the brand was seized illegally and the Castro regime never compensated the Arechabalas for their company. Bacardi now distributes two kinds of Havana Club, exclusively in the U. Anejo Blanco, which is aged 14 months, and Anejo Clasico, which is aged up to 39 months. The Blanco is tropical, with notes of pineapple and banana, and the Clasico is rich, with notes of almond and vanilla.

The bottles feature the Arechabalas family crest and portrait of the company's founder. I don't think they'll ever get it back. Is a Cuban rum really Cuban if it is not made with Cuban-grown sugarcane or distilled on Cuban land? This debate seems like semantics now, but when the embargo is finally lifted, claiming percent ownership of the most recognizable Cuban rum brand name will make somebody a lot of money. Americans, after all, consume 40 percent of the rum in the world. While the Obama years saw a general warming of economic and trade relations, plus the death of noted American combatant Fidel Castro, President-elect Donald Trump has threatened to undo those developments.

And at Rex Tillerson's confirmation hearing to become Secretary of State, he said he would recommend Trump veto any Congressional bills to lift the embargo. Trump realDonaldTrump November 28, But Cate believes it is only a matter of time before Americans petition for the embargo on rum to be lifted. That's not to say Americans cannot get their hands on Cuban rum today. Carrying bottles across the border for personal consumption is not illegal, and there is also a thriving gray market online, where foreigners sell and ship bottles to Americans.

The Good Stuff Keep an eye out for these bottles if you are planning to visit Havana or a European airport's duty-free shop, or a gray market bottle-buying website such as the Whiskey Exchange sometime soon: This is the most iconic rum brand in Cuba, so any bottle bearing its label is a status symbol back in the U. The general rule is the lighter the spirit, the less time it was aged and the better it is in cocktails.