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Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler is a Spanish singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. .. With this album, Iglesias went on his biggest world tour to date. . In , Enrique made two new songs, one called "El Baño" with Bad Bunny and Para Criança e Adolescente; Fundação Municipal de Artes de Montenegro. All you need to know to load our calendars into your application (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc) and make sure they are synced regularly. Carmen Lomas Garza (born ) is an American artist and illustrator. She is well known for her paintings, ofrendas and for her papel picado work inspired by .

The museum has fourteen exhibition halls with pottery, steles and sculptures from the ZapotecHuastecaMayaOlmec and Aztec cultures as well as fine furniture and religious objects from the colonial period and examples of contemporary art. These represent the three epochs of Mexican history, pre-Columbian, colonial-era and post-Independence. Seven of the halls are dedicated to pre-Columbian pieces. He donated his own collection of 5, books to the College of San Juan to start the collection.

It was the first library in the Americas and is the only one to survive to the present day. The main room is in Baroque style and was constructed in by Bishop Francisco Fabian y Fuero who also named the institution after Palafox.

Today the library contains over 42, books, 5, manuscripts and other items, which date from to Later, it became a convent named in honour of Saint Rose of Lima. This is where the story of the invention of mole poblano takes place. Init ceased being a convent and became a psychiatric hospital.

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Inthe Museo de Arte Cultural Poblano was founded and in the name was changed to the current one. The facility offers exhibitions, shows and art classes. Shortly thereafter, the family moved to Mexico City and the building became tenements and stores. Decades later, the federal government acquired the building from the family to convert it into the museum that is here today.

Both were instrumental to the Battle of Puebla on 5 May This is to commemorate a non-aggression pact signed by Mexico and Central American and two South American countries in the s.

This museum contains cannons, shotguns, swords, documents and other objects related to this battle. It is housed in the old La Violeta textile factory, which dates back toand was one only many factories in this area at that time. This building was renovated between and for this museum. It opened on February 4, It originally began as a private museum or pinacotheca.

The house was left to the state by Alejandro Ruiz Olavarrieta in It was first used to house the first public museum in the city of Puebla. The collection contains more than 1, pieces of a historical nature. It was functioning as a hospital bybut it incurred major expenditures, forcing it to limit service to men only.

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The arches of the main courtyard were completed inas well as it fountain and nursing units. In the first half of the 18th century, the hospital ceased to be under the direct control of the Cathedral, passing to the monks of the order of San Juan de Dios. In the latter half of the century, it began to house soldiers in order to improve its finances.

Latin Pop Songs chart and the U. Hot Latin Songs chart, respectively. The song became his twenty-fifth top ten single on the U. Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart and after four weeks of its release date it became his twenty-first No. The song became Iglesias' first number one on the U. Pop Songs and Radio Songs airplay charts. The Euphoria Tour took Iglesias across the U. One of the tour's legs took him to Australia while fellow artist Pitbull joined him as an opening act.

Prince Royce also served as opening act during the tour's second leg across North America. This was planned to serve as the lead single from the Euphoria album's proposed re-issue that never came to fruition, Euphoria Reloaded.

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The song was released in UK on 9 December At least to me. The show broke the highest attendance record as more than one hundred twenty thousand fans gathered to watch the concert which is considered as the highest as of yet. The single was released in the middle of July. Iglesias released a special video which featured photos and videos that fans had sent in; fans could also make their own version using media from their personal Facebook albums.

The song was released to US Top 40 radio on 22 July The smooth bachata track features vocals from urban bachata superstar Romeo Santos. It became Iglesias' 24th No. The single titled " Heart Attack " was released in October Iglesias confirmed " I'm a Freak " as the third English single from his tenth studio album. The single features Pitbull and was released in January Iglesias recorded a song with Kylie Minogue called "Beautiful", which appears on her twelfth studio album, Kiss Me Once.

The album was released on 14 March Sex and Love was Spotify's 7th most-streamed album worldwide inand "Bailando" was the most-streamed song in both Mexico and Spain. Iglesias was also called the King ofdue to his tenth album, Sex And Love, and his hit single, Bailando. Billboard called him "The Crowd Pleaser" of After more than a decade with Universal Music, Iglesias left the record label in and signed on with Sony Music.

The artists filmed several scenes atop a bus in the center of Old Havana and in other areas of the country for the video that was centered around showcasing the liveliness of the Cuban people.

The video also tells the love story of Iglesias and a Cuban woman. The video was broadcast internationally on 24 February The lawsuit claims that he has only been given 50 percent royalty rate, which is just a small fraction, for streaming from Universal Music Group. He sought to inspect Universal's bookkeeping, according to the suit.

His legal team and the artist believe that improper accounting has led to the shortfall of millions of dollars. He is now demanding the court to enforce his streaming rate and force the label to pay lost royalties. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message Erique Iglesias in Iglesias has collaborated with songwriter Guy Chambers to write "Un Nuovo Giorno", the lead single from Andrea Bocelli 's first pop album.

Also one gets used to attending the Mass of the rooster and celebrating with rockets and fireworks. What the encyclopedias say envoy by Conception Garay S.

The word "Christmas" is a contraction of "natividad", that means natalicio. This celebration made its appearance in the Catholic Church and it extended there to the Protestantism and the rest of the world. However, from where it received the Catholic Church? It was not of the lessons of the New Testament.

It was not of the Bible nor of the apostles who had been instructed personally by Jesus Christ. Christmas originating one of the paganism was introduced in the Church during the century fourth. Since the celebration of Christmas was introduced in the world by the Roman Catholic Church and it does not have another authority that the one of she herself, we see what the Catholic Encyclopedia says on the matter edition: The pagan customs related to the January principle were centered in the celebration of Christmas.

In the same encyclopedia, under "Native Day", we found that Origins, one of the parents of the Church, recognized the following truth: Single the pecadores as Faaraon and Herodes celebrated with the great rejoicing the day in which they were born in this world ". The British Encyclopedia, edition ofsay: