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When a few decided to stay, the local Latino community was born. Bravo works full-time for a local farmer during the week.

We suffered, we battled. Among the major ethnic or racial identities in the United States—white, black, Asian, Native American—Latino is the most amorphous. Latino people can be African, Mesoamerican, Asian, or white. They are evangelical, Roman Catholic, and Jewish. Ecuador or El Salvador, for example.

More than likely this story involves the journey a migrant made in search of work and opportunity.

Nearly half of Latinos in the United States identify as Roman Catholic, while a fifth identify as evangelical Protestants. In Los Angeles, the great sprawling metropolis centered on what was once an outpost of the Spanish Empire, Latino people still think of labor, migration, hardship, and resilience as the qualities that define them and tie them together. We slowly rose into the middle class, moving eastward every few years—from crowded East Hollywood to newer, roomier suburbs such as Whittier.

Once confined to barrios in East L. At the southern end of Los Angeles, in the oil-refinery and port community of Wilmington, I met the family of Luz Gomez.

Three languages are spoken at the Gomez home: English, Spanish, and Zapotec. Luz, 17, is a U. When his first American daughter was born, he gave her two names: He began working at the barbershop some 40 years ago. Now he owns it, and his wife and daughter also work there. Many are lifelong Americans like me who grew up speaking English. In Whittier fifth-grade teacher Yolanda Garcia noticed her students did better when their lessons had Latino themes.

Learning about their culture and history made them feel smarter. Later, with the blessing of Whittier officials, Garcia launched a Day of the Dead festival in a nearby park.

The festival now takes up a dozen city blocks on an October weekend. Whittier has become a mecca of the Latino middle class, a transformation few locals could have imagined a generation ago.

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I grew up in South Whittier—an unincorporated, down-market community nearby—and knew Whittier as a place where white people lived. Richard Nixon went to high school there.

These days some very affluent Latino families live in Whittier, including Richard and Rebecca Zapanta.

porque el oso panda esta en peligro de extincion yahoo dating

Richard grew up in the barrios of East Los Angeles in the s and s, but he had no real, living connection to Mexico. After he became a successful surgeon, he traveled to the land of his ancestors again and again.

His Spanish improved, a skill that was useful when he met Mexican artists. The Zapanta home is also filled with photographs of Latino politicians they know, many of whom have risen to national prominence.

In the Latino communities of Southern California, it is the best of times, and the most difficult. I live in a hillside home with beautiful views near the Los Angeles River, where the real estate boom has pushed the value of some properties past one million dollars. A short downhill walk from my home, undocumented immigrants live and work. Her mother told Fatima, then 13, to record the arrest on her cell phone.

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Romulo has lived in the U. But the ever stricter enforcement of immigration laws has changed the feel of daily life in many Latino communities. The impact is seen most dramatically along the 1,mile U. Chavez Avenue, named for the late union leader and activist.

El Cenizo is 99 percent Latino. People of Mexican descent have long lived here and crossed easily back and forth between the two countries. In the city passed a sanctuary law protecting undocumented immigrants. The local school is named for two heroes, one U. The town of 3, sits along the Rio Grande, across from Mexico. El Cenizo gets its name from a sagebrush that grows along the Rio Grande Valley.

People here used to work on the onion and melon farms nearby, but those crops were abandoned years ago, forcing many to travel hundreds of miles in search of jobs. And yet many residents remain proud to call the mostly Spanish-speaking town home. He looks the other way. In recent years tougher enforcement has made immigrant smugglers a more dangerous, desperate breed. Border Patrol presence also has frightened many in El Cenizo: Mayor Raul Reyes estimates one in five residents may be undocumented.

Reyes, a registered Democrat, announced he would be willing to take the fight all the way to the U.

porque el oso panda esta en peligro de extincion yahoo dating

Reyes first ran for office in El Cenizo at age 19—just like Ismael Fernandez, the young city councilman in Wilder, Idaho, except Fernandez ran as a Republican. Growing up in rural Idaho, Fernandez once told his grandmother that he might be the first Latino president. He often engaged in political debates with his more liberal older sister, Mariza.

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He studied practical things such as sewer and water systems. A state legislator appointed him her alternate; he was empowered to cast votes when she was absent from the Capitol in nearby Boise.

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porque el oso panda esta en peligro de extincion yahoo dating

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