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The etimology of the Aramaic term goes back to the Assyrian word zibanitu meaning "scales;"4 this sheds light on the possible original Sitz im Leben of the Aramaic term.

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The presence of scales to weigh the metal used in the transaction was a necessary element before the use of coins, as illustrated in Jer. I weighed out the money to him, seventeen shekels of silver.

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The use of the verb "to give" in conveyances, gifts, and other types of deliveries is attested throughout the ancient Near East: The word is also related to Egyptian dbn and Akkadian zbn "weight. It seems, therefore, that the scribal preference for the different uses of am and im was based on the temporal character of the action, as noted above.

Muffs interpreted the formula ami pi, "he sold and transferred," as an example of hendiadys construction. In the following example, "to sell," "to lease," and "to give," are three different options for alienating the property. The field is permanently taken. See also mwW "gift" CIS Muffs interpreted two verbs together as hendiadys e.

We do not regard am pt as hendiadys but understand the legal meaning of each verb separately. Koschaker discussed both terms, iddin and usappi, in their relationship with uppu and laqi in the Middle Assyrian sales documents. The Middle Assyrian deeds of sale are formulated ex latere venditoris. The seller "gives and usappi " while the buyer "takes and uppu'' While there is no doubt about the meaning of the verbs nadanu and lequ, the translation of usappi and uppu still presents some difficulties.

Postgate, "if uppu is correctly derived from wapu, D, it probably means 'publicized' by means of herald's announcement or other formalities needed to precede a legally valid sale.

Not only does the Aramaic not include anything similar to uppu laqi, but the semantic fields of pi and usappi are completely different, the only element in common being arr and nadanu, both meaning "to give.

Seller iddin usappi Buyer uppu laqi alejandro f. In this case, at least, there is agreement that uppisma is the D stem from epesu of which the basic meanings according to CAD are "to act," "to be active," and "to proceed.

Radner41 correctly criticizes the translation, "to conclude a sale agreement," based on the appearance of uppisma in documents other than sales, like pledges and leases.

She also rejects the translation "erwerben," since epesu is attested with both the buyer and the seller as subjects. Radner proposes to translate the D stem of epesu, "als zu gebendes Object behandeln.

Both formulae share the use of "to give," nadanu and arr, but the semantic fields of uppisma and pi are not related. As far 33 Cussini For other interpretations of uppisma, see infra. The other three being: PN ana YH2utappis ittidin. The whole article on epesu covers pp.

We can expect that almost every culture will have a functional equivalent for such a basic component of the social life as "to sell," but no dependence can be proven on this basis alone. The use of pi, with its semantic field of "weight" and "scales" by the Arameans, however, points to a clear semantic differentiation from the language of the Neo-Assyrian sale. They are alive, quite alive but we must make haste if we wish to find them so.

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