Quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating

quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating

quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating

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The Greek Government, so far as it is concerned, delegates to the Commission the same powers and undertakes to give it in all respects the same facilities. Such control shall be exercised in the name of the Turkish and Greek Governments respectively, and in the manner provided in this Section.

quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating

The authority of the Commission will extend to all the waters between the Mediterranean mouth of the Dardanelles and the Black Sea mouth of the Bosphorus, and to the waters within three miles of each of these mouths.

This authority may be exercised on shore to such extent as may be necessary for the execution of the provisions of this Section. The Commission shall be composed of representatives appointed respectively by the United States of America if and when that Government is willing to participatethe British Empire, France, Italy, Japan, Russia if and when Russia becomes a member of the League of NationsGreece, Roumania, and Bulgaria and Turkey if and when the two latter States become members of the League of Nations.

quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating

Each Power shall appoint one representative. The representatives of Greece, Roumania, and Bulgaria and Turkey shall each have one vote. Each Commissioner shall be removable only by the Government which appointed him. The Commissioners shall enjoy, within the limits specified in Article 39, diplomatic privileges and immunities. The Commission will exercise the powers conferred on it by the present Treaty in complete independence of the local author ity.

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It will have its own flag, its own budget and its separate organisation. Within the limits of its jurisdiction as laid down in Article 39 the Commission will be charged with the following duties: In the event of the Commission finding that the liberty of passage is being interfered with, it will inform the representatives at Constantinople of the Allied Powers providing the occupying forces provided for in Article These representatives will thereupon concert with the naval and military commanders of the said forces such measures as may be deemed necessary to preserve the freedom of the Straits.

La lucha del pueblo kurdo en el Medio Oriente

Similar action shall be taken by the said representatives in the event of any external action threatening the liberty of passage of the Straits. For the purpose of the acquisition of any property or the execution of any permanent works which may be required, the Commission shall be entitled to raise such loans as it may consider necessary.

These loans will be secured, so far as possible, on the dues to be levied on the shipping using the Straits, as provided in Article The functions previously exercised by the Constantinople Superior Council of Health and the Turkish Sanitary Administration which was directed by the said Council, and the functions exercised by the National Life-boat Service of the Bosphorus will within the limits specified in Article 39 be discharged under the control of the Commission and in such manner as it may direct.

The Commission will co-operate in the execution of any common policy adopted by the League of Nations for preventing and combating disease.

Quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating

Subject to the general powers of control conferred upon the Commission, the rights of any persons or companies now holding concessions relating to lighthouses, docks, quays or similar matters shall be maintained; but the Commission shall be entitled if it thinks it necessary in the general interest to buy out or modify such rights upon the conditions laid down in Article Part IX Economic Clauses of the present Treaty, or itself to take up a new concession.

In order to facilitate the execution of the duties with which it is entrusted by this Section, the Commission shall have power to organise such a force of special police as may be necessary.

quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating

This force shall be drawn so far as possible from the native population of the zone of the Straits and islands referred to in ArticlePart V Military, Naval and Air Clausesexcluding the islands of Lemnos, Imbros, Samothrace, Tenedos and Mitylene.

The said force shall be commanded by foreign police officers appointed by the Commission. In the portion of the zone of the Straits, including the islands of the Sea of Marmora, which remains Turkish, and pending the coming into force of the reform of the Turkish judicial system provided for in Article I36, all infringements of the regulations and by-laws made by the Commission, committed by nationals of capitulatory Powers, shall be dealt with by the Consular Courts of the said Powers.

The Allied Powers agree to make such infringements justiciable before their Consular Courts or authorities. Infringements committed by Turkish nationals or nationals of non-capitulatory Powers shall be dealt with by the competent Turkish judicial authorities. I believe this is mutual, and creates a dynamic where we are constantly learning from each other and growing into better versions of ourselves. Whether you want to avoid getting billed or the site just isn t what you hoped for, you ll need quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating cancel your free dating sites in uk for, deactivate your account and un-link Zoosk from your social-media accounts to eliminate all ties with the service.

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quienes son los kurdos yahoo dating

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