Volume of a cylinder formula yahoo dating

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volume of a cylinder formula yahoo dating

Yahoo Answers collects information about your activity in both anonymous and Certain calculator tools on Yahoo Finance and AOL Finance are provided by a. University, Ethiopia, Tel: +, Email: [email protected] Received Date: Aug 04, / Accepted Date: Sep 23, / Published . and the solubility of each preparation was estimated using calibration curve formula. into a mL graduated cylinder and the bulk volume of the powder was noted . The formula for the volume of a cylinder is pi times radius times height. yet used in any different case, there could be a dating, yet I have no.

MBZ is recommended for the chemotherapy of non-surgical cases and as a supplementary treatment prior to and post-surgery of EIHs; such as alveolar and cystic hydatid disease. The prolonged, high-dose therapy used in the treatment of EIHs has been associated with alopecia, hepatocellular injury and bone marrow suppression [ 610 ].

So, it requires innovative approaches to reach a sufficiently high bioavailability when administered by the oral route [ 1213 ]. Fast dissolving drug delivery system as a novel drug delivery system and a patient-oriented pharmaceutical preparation is designed to enhance the safety and efficacy of the drug molecule by formulating a dosage form which disintegrate or dissolve in a few seconds after placement in the mouth [ 1415 ].

It can be administered easily to the geriatrics, pediatrics and patients suffering from dysphagia. It can bypass first pass elimination by undergoing pre-gastric absorption. This improves bioavailability of the drug and reduces dosing frequency and dose related untoward effects [ 16 - 18 ].

The fast disintegrating tablets FDTs can be prepared using various techniques; such as tablet molding, sublimation, lyophilization, direct compression and addition of disintegrants, etc. Cost effective technologies like direct compression and disintegrant addition can be easily adapted by pharmaceutical companies [ 1920 ]. Solubility is one of the most important parameters to achieve desired concentration of drug in systemic circulation to elicit pharmacological response [ 2122 ].

Hydrotropy is one of the innovative approaches as solubilization method whereby addition of large amounts of a second solute results in an increase in the aqueous solubility of another sparingly soluble solute [ 2324 ].

Among hydrotropes, nicotinamide NIC has three special advantages which make it a very attractive agent. It has FDA approval status, very low toxicity and economical [ 242728 ]. Finally, calibration curve was developed using absorbance and concentration data. The supernatant filtered and analyzed spectrophotometrically at nm against corresponding blank reagent hydrotropic solution in 0.

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The experiment was performed in triplicate and the solubility of each preparation was estimated using calibration curve formula. Preparation of mebendazole hydrotropic solid dispersion By kneading technique, accurately weighed amount of MBZ and NIC were taken in a glass mortar and mixed for 5 min. The uniform mass was dried in oven at 60oC for 4 h.

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volume of a cylinder formula yahoo dating

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volume of a cylinder formula yahoo dating

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volume of a cylinder formula yahoo dating

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