Will ed miliband be prime minister yahoo dating

Factbox - What happens after votes are counted in the UK election?

will ed miliband be prime minister yahoo dating

London (AFP) - Britain's former prime minister Gordon Brown, who waited years for "the election of Ed Miliband as prime minister under a Labour government". "He is a towering figure in British politics because, for a generation, Brown pushed him for a date when he could take over as prime minister. British Prime Minister David Cameron warned voters they face a "stark The next prime minister walking through that door will be me or Ed Miliband," .. government requesting that his date of birth be switched from March The result was an overwhelming rejection of British Prime Minister Ed Miliband, the former Labour leader who lost to former Prime The date for the beginning of negotiations is now unclear,” Weber said in one tweet.

Britain's ex-PM Brown retires from politics

But Cameron has insisted his promised EU referendum is not up for negotiation. The key opinion poll lines have barely budged over the past two months. Will that be decisive? The Labour leader still lags Cameron when voters are asked who would make the best prime minister.

Britain's close election: what happens next

Story continues The Conservatives remain well ahead in terms of perceived economic competence and that really should count.

But a negative campaign - "competence not chaos" etc. This was Conservative polling guru Lord Ashcroft last week: After running a better campaign than expected, Miliband might well survive a narrow defeat. The vast majority of the dead tree media have come out in favor of the Conservatives or a repeat of their coalition with the LibDems. But never has the power of the print press to sway votes felt less potent.

"He is weak abroad, he is weak at home" David Cameron vs Ed Miliband 3

Miliband was lampooned for agreeing to an interview with comedian Russell Brand. But Brand has nearly 10 million Twitter followers. Now it does not, could that rekindle debate about reforming the electoral system?

Would a minority government be so bad? Administrations with big majorities legislate furiously because they can, intervening in every corner of life.

will ed miliband be prime minister yahoo dating

Would a smaller number of laws, given they would have to be agreed with others, be detrimental? Much of Europe is used to coalition government without disasters. While coalition governments are common in other European countries, they have been rare in Britain thanks to its electoral system which gives nothing to runners-up.

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  • Factbox - What happens after votes are counted in the UK election?

The normal order was broken in by disenchantment among voters with the two main parties as Britain struggled to cope with the effects of the financial crisis. The pairing of the Conservatives and the LibDems brought together two parties with once very different views on spending, tax and EU membership.

But its supporters say concessions by both sides kept Britain on a relatively stable path over the past five years as they brought down a huge budget deficit, albeit less quickly than planned.

Indeed, some pro-EU Conservatives now say privately they would prefer another deal with the LibDems - who also support EU membership - to a small Conservative majority that would leave the party beholden to the members of it determined to take Britain out of the bloc, politics professor Bale said.

will ed miliband be prime minister yahoo dating

But a two-party alliance may not be enough to secure power after the May election. With the main three parties unpopular with disenchanted voters, opinion polls suggest a Conservative-LibDem alliance would need support another party's support in order to rule.

Labour and Conservatives tied again ahead of UK election - YouGov poll

When Conservative finance minister George Osborne said last month he would let Northern Ireland's devolved parliament set corporate tax rates, it was interpreted as an overture to regional lawmakers whose support could help the Conservatives form a government.

That would come at the cost of a promise to hold a referendum on EU membership sooner than the date so far mentioned by Cameron. If Labour emerges from the election as the biggest party but short of a majority, it might turn to the left-wing Scottish National Party, possibly outside a formal coalition agreement. Story continues The SNP has said it would never prop up a Conservative government and would only support Labour if Miliband toned down spending cuts and promised not to base a new generation of nuclear-armed submarines on the River Clyde.

The party is gunning for Labour's Scottish seats and if it wins them is very likely to make more powers for Scotland a prerequisite of support for any UK government alliance. PIMCO's Amey said British politics was likely to revert to its traditional two-party system once voters' wages started to grow and the public felt more secure with traditional options.